Website Development & Design

Abstractionz is a full package service when it comes to website development and design. Each client is worked with carefully. We’ll go over how much and what kind of content will be included on your website. This will help to determine what features would best fit your needs. What kind of look do you want? Minimalist, corporate, patterns, accents, a lot of color or just a splash. Your layout will be tailored to fit your business or personal taste.

Everything you need will be taken care of from start to finish.  Aiming to make the process as simple as possible, a website package always includes: full layout design, graphic design, logo if needed, domain & hosting support, installation, and search engine work. Once your website is live, maintenance packages are available.

As a standard, all websites are built to be mobile responsive. This means, your website will automatically shift and re-size dependent on what type of device it’s being viewed on. Mobile only call now prompts can be added as a convenience to visitors looking to make instant connections. 

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and the list goes on. Potential customers of all ages use social media every day. With the keyword being social, internet goers use these websites (and phone users are on the apps) to stay connected with family and friends wherever they are. They’re sharing their daily experiences, and, in most cases, they share when they find something they love. That could be your business.

The tricky part about using social media in addition to a website to promote your business is knowing which social media platforms you should be on. Next to that, is maintaining the profile. Inactive profiles or sporadically active profiles results in fewer viewers seeing your status updates.

Abstractionz can help you determine which social media websites are best for your brand and can maintain the profiles for you. Similar to how your website is tailored to your needs, a social media package can be tailored to your business.

Logos / Graphics / Print & Digital Media

Whether you’re starting a new business venture or re-branding, Abstractionz is able to create your logo for you. All logos are done at 300 dpi for best printing results and will be made available in various sizes depending on intended use.

Graphic services would include custom designed items, wallpapers, promotional banners, and social media templates.

Print Media
Flyers, business cards, and postcards design are set up to be printable via various print companies. The finished product can then easily be taken to any printing house or online printing service for production. 

Digital Media
Digital flyers and advertisement images for social media campaigns. 

To get a free quote for any of the above services, or anything you need that isn’t mentioned on this page, please use the onsite quote form. Prefer to chat over the phone? Feel free to call (815) 216-5357

Book Covers

Your book cover is just as important as your synopsis. It can convey the sense of a mystery waiting to be solved or a new world about to be discovered. Combining my skills in layout design, graphics and even photo manipulation I can make your book cover for you.
Your finished product will be provided in both eBook and paperback versions. The sizing will be based on Smashwords and Amazon Direct printing standards.

I would love to work with you on putting together a cover for your book! The process starts with either using the request form or sending an e-mail to 

Photo Editing / Manipulation

Photo Editing
Do you have some digital photos that feel ‘flat’ or ‘off’ with their coloring? Maybe you want to add some effects to make the photos stand out for a special occasion. From fireworks added to the night sky, to fixing the sky when it should be blue. This service may be for you.

Photo Manipulation
Specializing in adding wings, creating fantasy scenes and adding magic effects. The end result is dependent on the photo you provide. 

No fancy form for this service right now. If you’re looking to have photo editing or manipulation work done, please email me your ideas.